Club Deise – Important Notice to Members and Sponsors

On Wednesday, 22nd November Club Deise held its AGM at Lawlor’s Hotel, Dungarvan. The meeting was attended by the Chairman of Waterford GAA County Board, Sean Michael O’Regan, who addressed the members and outlined the county board’s aspirations to raise much needed finance for the future and betterment of Waterford GAA. The County Board Informed Club Deise that due to financial requirements the county board have decided to form a new supporters club under their existing Financial Arm. This new body will have an online presence to be put in place in the new year. This means that Club Deise would lose its autonomy and have little or no relevance within this new financial structure. We are left with no other option but to close Club Deise as a fundraising entity for the present, but we will keep the brand name alive in case it may be required in future years.

Club Deise has served as the official fundraiser for Waterford GAA and our county teams over the past 23 years as an independent club for all Waterford GAA supporters. The role of Club Deise over the years was to raise additional funding to allow successive managers of our county teams go that extra mile and have the luxury of being able to supply all that was required in assisting training camps to required standards.

An amount in the region of more than 2.5 million Euro has been raised since its foundation to benefit All Waterford GAA Teams, including Hurling, Football, Camogie, Underage and Senior Teams. Since our formation Club Deise has had many and varied events which include horse draws, production and sale of compact discs of all major matches, photo montages, golf classics, dinner events, several auction events, race days, pop up shops during All Ireland events, go fund me pages and golf classics in Waterford and San Francisco, several training camps and London dinner functions Just to mention a few. Membership of Club Deise and Corporate income has raised substantial funds over the past 10 years or more.

Club Deise presented its annual accounts to the AGM and has decided that once any outstanding bills are paid and team donations made the balance of our funds are to be transferred to the board of Waterford GAA to include financing our underage teams. Waterford County Board Chairman expressed his deep gratitude to Club Déise for its work over the years. The members attending the Annual General Meeting wished to express their thanks to all the officers, committee members and supporters of Club Déise over the years.

Our bank account will be closed in an orderly fashion over the coming weeks once any outstanding items have been processed and the remaining funds transferred to the county boards account. Any queries thereafter relating to Club Deise should be made to the county board as we will no longer have an active club committee. The outgoing committee of Club Déise would like to wish the County Board’s new venture every success, especially in the interest of our Intercounty teams.